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Abortion discriminates against unborn blacks, but the left doesn’t care

March 10, 2010 Leave a comment

The New York Times today inveighed against any and all attempts to moderate abortion use in this country. The right to bear arms, the right to free speech, the right to free association, freedom of religion — none of these is absolute. They all come with exceptions, some of which are reasonable, some of which are not, but almost all of which are imposed by the left in this country. Yet when it comes to the right to an abortion — a right not even explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, but conjured out of thin air from a “right to privacy,” itself not found anywhere in the document — the left will countenance no moderation whatsoever. The right to abort at will, without cause, is sacrosanct.

Moving on, the point I really want to make regards the end of the editorial:

Citing the disproportionately high number of African-American women who undergo abortions, for example, abortion foes are hurling baseless charges of genocide and racial discrimination. Since last year, a staff member of Georgia Right to Life has been traveling to black churches and colleges, spreading the lie that abortion is the key to conspiracy to kill off blacks. Recently, the group posted dozens of billboards around Atlanta that proclaim, “Black children are an endangered species.”

In fact, of course, there is no conspiracy. The real reason so many black women have abortions can be explained in four words: too many unwanted pregnancies.

Even in this charged debate, phony accusations of genocide should be out of bounds, but political forces that oppose abortion are pursuing a focused, often successful campaign. Americans who support women’s reproductive rights need to make their voices heard.

No doubt the editorial board is right: there is no conspiracy to commit genocide on American blacks. But it’s curious that the NYT board has likely opposed the death penalty, tougher criminal sentences, employment exams, exams in general, race-neutral college-admissions policies — all on the grounds that, even if not explicitly race-biased, such policies are wrong because they have the effect of leaving too many minorities in jail or out of college or not invited back for second interviews (whatever the case may be).

So is there not any merit — none at all? — to the idea that we ought to at least in some way discourage abortion because it disproportionately affects black babies — er — fetuses? If that logic makes sense to the left in the educational, jobs, and criminal arenas, why does it hold so little sway in this one?