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Our condo association hates children

The bylaws say no chalking the sidewalks. As Gutfeld would say, if you think that’s okay, you’re worse than Hitler.

I sometimes wonder where these people, my neighbors, think they live. Either they think they live in Potomac, Maryland (the DC area’s Beverly Hills), where letting kids be kids would be oh-so low-class, or they think they live in Anacostia (one of the DC area’s scariest ghettos), where letting toddlers chalk the sidewalks would be seen as a precursor to tagging and indiscriminate drug-related murder.

It’s at neither end of those extremes. It’s just outright snobbish anti-kiddism, part and parcel of living on the East Coast, and yet another reason I can’t wait to move back west.

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  1. The Last Man
    April 23, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    I think this is more of a condo/home owners association problem than an East Coast problem. HOAs, almost without exception, are evil.

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