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“Still a consensus” that humans cause climate change

First, I love this Washington Post article’s title — “Series of missteps … threatens climate-change agenda.” I’m not sure if the word agenda was a Freudian slip or what, but that’s essentially what this consensus amounts to: it’s a political agenda.There are some things climate scientists want to accomplish. End of story. The idea isn’t to discover truth, but to advance a cause. All of this I guess I’d be okay with if the truth were in fact settled; it would be no crime, for example, if a bunch of scientists discovered a 10-mile-wide meteor screeching toward earth and subsequently had a pretty strong agenda to do something about it. That’s human nature. My problem is that climate scientists are putting the cart before the horse, and that’s what this title implies. There’s an agenda that’s at risk here, never mind whether the science is settled (and these problems along the way — the fabrications, the collusion, the obfuscation and outright dishonesty — are mere “missteps”).

I also got a kick out of this line from the article: “There is still a scientific consensus that humans are causing climate change.” The word consensus means “majority opinion.” So all we really know is that at least 51% of scientists believe humans are warming the world. The reporter says this as if we’re talking about an election, the results of which are indisputable if the “consensus” among voters on election day is that Candidate X is their guy. The result of this scenario, of this particular consensus, is that Candidate X will be seated.

But is that the same thing as a scientific consensus that a particular natural — or unnatural — phenomenon is real? Are the laws of nature governed by majority opinion? Does the fact that today scientists voted on a scientific truth make it so? If 51% of scientists voted at noon in New York City that the sun wasn’t up, would that change the reality at all? What nonsense. And the word “still” kills me, too. What that implies is that the consensus isn’t as strong as it used to be. Perhaps because the so-called evidence isn’t there.

Gotta run. Today we find out what our baby is! (In case you’re worried, it’s human. We just don’t know what kind of human.)

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