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The more Dems fear ’10, the worse for us

All the arbitrary — and constantly shifting (first it was August, then it was Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and now the latest deadline of Obama’s SOTU address is in question) — deadlines for wrapping up healthcare, we all know, had little to do with the dire need for the policy’s implementation. Since the bulk of the benefits don’t kick in for another high-school or college career or so, the “America can’t wait any longer for change” mantra that drove Democrats to cobble together whatever they could shove through the halls of Congress had nothing to do with getting people to the doctor’s office tomorrow and everything to do with passing policy that would stand virtually no chance in the world of passing next January.

And that was before it became clear that the Democrats will be in a world of hurt next November; yes, the rush this past year was based largely on probability, on history — on the sense that all good things come to an end, that their popularity wasn’t likely to last for long. But now? Their majority’s dilution — if not outright loss in the House — is all but assured. The question really is over to what extent their majorities will suffer, not whether they will.

This makes 2010 an extremely dangerous year for conservatism. Card check, the financial system’s overhaul, cap-and-trade, the student-loan system’s takeover, and, of course, the health-care bill that has yet to be signed into law — all these things will take on a much greater sense of urgency.

Any conservative who’s excited about November has a lot to worry about until then.

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