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Guantanamo as a “recruiting tool” for al Qaeda

The president this afternoon said that, “make no mistake,” we’ll close down Guantanamo because it has “damaged our national-security interests and” become “a recruiting tool for al Qaeda.” I suspect he used the wrong conjunction here; he could only have meant that our national-security interests have been damaged because Guantanamo has become a recruiting tool for al Qaeda. There could be no other national-security interest met by closing the base; to liberals who think the base should be closed, our national security is one and the same with the world’s, and its jihadists’, image of us.

Essentially, then, the policy of this government is to cease activities that really tick Islamist terrorists off, because those terrorists refer to such indulgences in their propaganda. Crimony. What’s next?

On these silly grounds, we should dissociate ourselves from Israel, cease attacks against al Qaeda in Afghanistan, maybe lay off the pork, pick us up a few more Korans and [insert here any and every grievance Islamist extremists have aired against us since they first launched this holy war … oh, and R-rated movies and Red Bull — no more of those, either: they’re also frowned upon by jihadists].

This guy Obama, what a genius. It’s sure nice to know we’ve finally got a president who uses his head.

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