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NYT surprised the government isn’t as good as Google

The irony here is that Google has made it infinitely simpler to learn the lessons of history — that the government is slow, inefficient, bureaucratic, and more reactionary than proactive. A quick Google search would have made it less surprising for the New York Times editorial board that the government is less capable than the private sector:

Still, it is incredible, and frightening, that the government cannot do at least as good a job at swiftly updating and correlating information as Google.

Their tone is almost dismissive of Google, isn’t it? Kind of like, If Google — of all companies, for Pete’s sake! — can do it, why can’t the government? Their surprise would make sense to me if they’d picked Yahoo! or MSN Search or Lycos, but Google? They’re surprised the government — led by political hacks, for the most part, and operationally run on a day to day basis by bureaucrats — wasn’t able to match the genius of Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin?

Well, I wasn’t surprised. And perhaps that’s the difference between a conservative and a liberal. I’m not surprised at all, not in the least, when the government utterly fails where the private sector — almost effortlessly — excels.

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