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Obama – probably unwittingly – distinguishes between conservatives and liberals with a single line

President Obama, in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech today said, “We must begin by acknowledging the hard truth that we will not eradicate violent conflict in our lifetimes” (emphasis mine).

“In our lifetimes,” he said. It would have never occurred to a conservative to qualify an otherwise true statement with such an absurd, naive clause.

There’s a possibility that he meant this in a religious sense, that he was referring to the afterlife; in other words, that violent conflict is as fundamental to mortality as it is antithetical to the hereafter, and only then will we experience unmitigated, unqualified peace. My hunch, though, is that this was a political statement, that the academics he’s surrounded by tell him they can eradicate peace, I dunno, 126.5 years from now, but that — according to their calculations — humans don’t really live that long. (“So, let’s just say ‘in our lifetimes’ to be safe. Whadaya say, [speechwriter] John [Favreau]?” “Great idea; we don’t want to commit ourselves to anything.”)

A conservative would never have qualified that statement — except perhaps with the word ever.

Peace is unattainable in this world, period, as long as humans rule it — and if they weren’t its rulers, well, I don’t imagine that would be a very peaceful world, either, because if it’s (a) because we don’t exist, then dogs and lions are still real jerks to each other, too, so there’s no lasting peace there, either; and if (b) it’s because we’ve been conquered by some alien race … oh, for crying out loud, you get my point.

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