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We have a moral obligation to emit as much CO2 as we can

As my brother, B–, and I often do, we waxed clever last night on the climate issue.

I quipped to B– that it’s a good thing liberals are smart enough to have learned through all their climate research that the earth’s 21st-century climate was best not only for human but for ecological flourishing, and that that’s where we ought to be. How do they know what’s best for earth’s ecology? Where’s the data for that model, huh? It’s no small amount of scientific arrogance to claim they’ve figured out such a complex system as the earth’s atmosphere, but it’s almost inconceivable that they’d make the next leap: the level of near-omniscience required to make their ideal-temperature claim — Yup: that’s the right temperature; this is where the world needs to be on the Great Thermostat in the Sky — is staggering.

Then B– made a clever comment (the only one of the exchange; mine was more rant, less wit): if the world has entered a cooling phase over the last ten years, cooling caused by other factors that mask CO’s proven warming impact, and if they’re right that the world belongs at 21st-century temperatures, “isn’t it a moral imperative for us to spew as much CO2 into the atmosphere as we can? You know, so we can reverse the cooling?”

It makes perfect sense to me. Fire up that ’72 Chevy, baby! Drill, baby, drill!

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