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Democrat stupidity is a pre-existing condition

Pelosi celebrated tonight’s Democrat victory in the House, declaring that no longer will “being a woman be a pre-existing medical condition,” which during the debate she explained means that women will no longer pay higher average premiums than men. (All else being equal in the health lives of men and women — and they’re certainly not, but for the sake of argument — I guess women shouldn’t have to pay more for expensive prenatal care and baby-delivery services.) This single comment betrays either complete ignorance of the insurance model or her true motives: not to assure that everyone gets to keep the insurance they have, not to build on what works and fix what doesn’t, but to destroy in both concept and practice health-care insurance entirely and move Americans into a single-payer system.

Earlier in the evening during the debate over this giant leap forward for American women, we learned from another House Democrat — his name escapes me; selective repression? Must be, because I’d be liable to sock the guy if I ever ran into him — said the denial of coverage due to pre-existing conditions is one and the same with Jim Crow laws. Again, either the man doesn’t understand insurance or he simply doesn’t like it.

Either way, the result will be the same: eventually, private insurance will not exist and we’ll all be forced to stand in line at the health-care DMV (the Department of Medical Valuation, let’s call it, where no doubt bean counters will valuate services not based on whether you need them but whether the country can afford to give them to you) and cross our fingers that the care we need isn’t too expensive for Washington to pay for with the taxes heaped on America’s businesses and the rich (who, of course, we must all pray keep producing in a nation that vilifies them while nonetheless counting heavily on their continued contributions).

Now, of course, this isn’t surprising and shouldn’t upset me, but it does.

I can barely keep my eyes open after a long week of work and work travel. I need to get some good sleep, because hey — the only way I can really count on good health after the Democrats destroy our system is not to have to rely on it at all.

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