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Panhandlers provide a community “service”

It’s official (at least, in one American city, anyway): Panhandling is recognized as a legitimate income-earning job, regulated by the state. I’ve always said (I’m sure I’m not the first) to those who refuse to give to panhandlers on the grounds that doing so discourages them from seeking gainful employment that they’re dead-wrong: panhandlers are gainfully employed. They facilitate a beautiful, unadulterated market transaction: The giver “purchases” the self-satisfaction that comes from a sense that he’s done some good in a small corner of the world; the receiver “sells” that sense at whatever price the purchaser is willing to buy it.

Capitalism is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? You can’t make $20/hour panhandling in communist Cuba, can you? What.

All irreverent joking aside, what the statists in this North Carolina city fail to grasp is that their regulation of panhandling activity is a de facto, if not de jure, endorsement of the activity that will only encourage more of it. Mark my words: panhandling will rise in Raleigh, as a result, and before you know it, these beggars will be unionizing and calling for dental benefits and paid vacation.

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